20 MAY 2023

Meet Gerald!
Gerald works for Breaking Ground Missions as the National Director of Training.
Gerald grew up in the hills of South Western Uganda- Kabale district in a family of 9.
Being the Director in charge of pastor training, he feels good seeing the pastors come from not
knowing the word to knowing the word.
The funniest part of his job is teaching the same thing again and again to different classes of
Gerald’s goal or desire is to see every African with his bible open and a pen in the hand.
We are honored to have Gerald on the BGM team! He is so passionate about pastors learning
sound doctrine and is a gifted teacher.
Gerald travels back and forth from Western Uganda to Kamuli so that he can be an active
leader in the training program and present while they are studying. Please keep Gerald in your
prayers as he travels, teaches, and lives his life for Jesus.

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