26 JULY – Ntungamo Training Team Update

Greetings to you family!!
I am joyful that our Pastors of Runyankole Rukiga program of Ntungamo reported faithfully for
this last month of June training. However am more joyful that they realized the importance of
Bible study methods and interpretation! Most of these just dreamed about this but it’s a reality!
After a series of discussions, quizzes, and lectures, they realized how they lived teaching and
preaching yet without the full spiritual meal of scripture.
Mostly they have resolved to sit and study their Bibles more diligently to truly equip the Saints of
God for every good work from the Spirit breathed Word. It is such a huge blessing to walk with
these men and hear their testimonies every month. We had time with them after the end of the
week and just feasted from their speeches how this training is beneficial for them and their
churches. The best gift you can give to us is to pray and keep them before the Lord who has
called them for the work of ministry.
Love to all of you,
Joel, Ntungamo training team

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