26 May 2023

We have completed another week of training in Ntungamo. This week has been special for me
to work with a fine group of leaders in our training as we studied New Testament Survey.
I would like to introduce to you one of our students in Ntungamo who has found training to be
more than he had hoped for. Brother Emmy, as he would love to be called, has been with us
now for two months of school. This week as we shared about marks of a healthy church from
the book of Acts, he wanted to share with us his testimony. Brother Emmy was told by his pastor
that training in a Bible school was not God’s will for his life since he (his pastor) had “not yet felt
it in his spirit.” When Emmy told me this, my heart was broken to hear this from a pastor.
The main church Emmy attended planted a church in his community and put him over it but his
former pastor began bringing the members of this fellowship away to the main church because
Emmy was going to training. Emmy was discouraged and he felt unqualified to be pastoring. In
his own words, Emmy told me of how he felt like he was sinning against God because he didn’t
know how to pastor well. I met Emmy this year in February and he is passionate about studying
the scriptures so he can lead with confidence and joy.
As I share with you now, his pastor has disqualified him from membership but he is not
discouraged from doing what he believes is true. With the time we have spent with him, Emmy
believes that he was called by God and no one can stop him. Such are the stories of most of
these men when they go back to their churches and pastors. These pastors are men after their
own desires and passions and not after the word of God being rooted in the hearts of those they
lead. May God continue to raise more Emmy-s! Please continue to pray for Emmy specifically
that he continues on. If the Lord lays it on your heart to support this ministry, please do with all
your heart because people like Emmy have found this to be their treasure. Blessings to you this
-Muhwezi Gerald

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