31 MAY 2023

Love, grace and peace be multiplied to you!
Celebrating God’s grace is been my meditation this week. As I write this, I am reminded how
great God has been from day one when he led us to start the ministry in Ntungamo. Since then,
it has been amazing to watch the small details of his hand in everything. It is not because we
are wise or smart but because God wanted to honor his name through the multiplication of his
God has since then grown our team and efforts. Ntungamo is our baby center and yet we have
witnessed a vibrant restless and grounded team on the ground. Our last team of students that
graduated last year are out sharing the gospel every week! I have learned to see God’s hand in
stillness and small things. I was reminded this week of one of our students who comes from one
of the refuge camps in south western Uganda.
Shumbusho Samuel comes from the Republic of Congo but has been in Uganda because of the
unrest in Congo.
Even though he and his family are not having the comforts most of us have, he is determined to
study the word of God so he can go back and preach to the people in the camp. He travels for
over 160 kilometers in Ugandan taxis to come and attend our monthly trainings!! He gives us
courage to go on and on with what God is doing in his life. Just this month we got another
brother from Burundi who got added on our number! Please pray for most of these brothers and
sisters in the camps. We have heard at times that most of them barely get enough food for their
families and other needs.
I can go on and on but we love to share with you what God is doing so you can rejoice with us
and continue to pray for us that what God has started will continue to yield more fruit for his
glory. Shout out to you all who sacrificially serve these men through your prayer and donations.
Love you all!
-Muhwezi Gerald

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