8 JULY – Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Visit to Uganda

Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Mission Team 2023
To say we had an amazing week would be an understatement. There was something so very
special about having our send church here in Uganda with us. Having them here to join us in
ministry was special, but also having them see first hand what we are doing here, the
importance of it, and having them support us on the ground was invaluable. Included on this
team was our Stateside Advocate, Andy Butler, and two of our US Board Members, Brad
Mainor, and Geoff Prows, who is also our home church pastor, and so many others. This was a
special team because there were so many family groups that joined together to serve the Lord.
The PRBC Mission team did evangelism daily in the village where they planted a church. They
saw 372 people surrender their lives to Jesus during their evangelism from hut to hut in that
village, did evangelism in Kamuli around the training center, hosted a VBS afternoon at the
training center, did a new believers class in the village, attended Breaking Ground Baptist
Church Wednesday night service, attended their church plant’s first service, met the Pastors
currently attending our training program, played basketball with the locals in Kamuli and shared
the gospel with them, climbed Kagulu Rock, went on the Source of the River Nile boat ride, did
some souvenir shopping, had authentic Uganda clothes custom made, and made memories that
will last a lifetime.
As usual, the time flew by and was not near long enough, but we are so thankful for the time we
did get to have with them. Our prayer is that they did not return back to the US the same as
when they left, that the Lord has given them an even deeper desire to share His word with
others not only in Uganda but also wherever the Lord leads them, and that they will continue to
grow in their relationship with Him.

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