8 JUNE 2023

Love to you saints!

It’s always a joy of mine to share with you our weekly training world. God is working in many ways everyday in our lives. This week, I thought about what we go through daily as teachers, as we prepare ourselves for ministry and thought this would be something to encourage us all. It’s really a blessing to be able to share the Word of God with God’s people who make a difference in others.

Breaking Ground Missions training ministry does training almost everyday of the week. Can you imagine what that looks like! Our training calendar normally gives us one week of break. Our idea of break is to refresh ourselves as teachers through personal study and preparation for the following week. Each training week has a different course unit to cover. We welcome students usually Sunday evening of the training week and study for five days. Fridays are departure days until the next month. We normally celebrate with music and prayer before we send the them away. We have just finished week three

As I share this, whoever reading this short story may be wondering why! Why is Gerald telling us about what they do? Well, One of the things I have witnessed in the church and among many believers, is this tendency to think that theology is for the few special ones. God will speak to my pastor about whatever he needs me to know and do. I have bad news for you. The Bible contains thousands of commands for us to remain in the word of God for ourselves and for others.

In John 15, Jesus reminds the disciples that reaming in his word was conditional if they were to remain in the world and be faithful and fruitful. Our usefulness is based upon the relationship we have with the Word of God. This week as I read through our training material for next week, i continue to be surprised with so much I don’t know. One of the highlights of this week was the reminder that the Bible is the means through which the Holy Spirit speaks to us and positions us for his fruit and gifts to flourish in us overflowing to many. On a count,how many times do you open the Bible intentionally to read and hear God speak to you? Could you say that your everyday life is consciously lived under the direction of God’s word? By the way what did Jesus mean when he told the disciples to go and make disciples, teaching them all he taught them? Is that your idea of discipleship? What kind of disciple are you? One who does the “whole counsel” of God? ( Acts 20:27).

Paul in Colossians 3:16 admonishes the church to “LET”the Word of God grow in them richly as they teach and admonish one another in all wisdom, through psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in their hearts. And he goes on to say that whatever they are in word and deed, should be for the name of Jesus! That’s my goal each training week! It’s my prayer for our students each day. It’s my prayer for you all on our team. Isn’t this worth it sharing your amazing story of how the word of God is shaping and positioning you each day! Jesus calls us his friends if we abide in his commands. I hope you are encouraged this week as you think about your place and role in building the Kingdom of God.

Muhwezi Gerald,


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