About Us

We believe in sound doctrine

BreakingGroundMissions.org is a non-profit organization working to bring sound doctrine to Uganda. We train pastors sound doctrine, share the gospel in unreached places, and build sound doctrine churches that are accessible to rural villages.

We help people get access to a sound doctrine pastor and church through our organization. We give our efforts everyday to empower people in need of the gospel with these life-changing sound doctrine resources – giving families and communities hope in Jesus Christ alone. 

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Thousands of souls changed with access to sound doctrine or the gospel.

Access to sound doctrine leads the blind to see​

Today the majority of the 45 million people who call Uganda home lack access to sound doctrine. Beyond that, they don’t even have access to a bible. The false teachings negatively impact the spiritual wellbeing of more than a fraction of the Ugandan people. We exist to change this.

Our solutions are working! Today more people in Uganda know the gospel and are being discipled to effectively share the gospel because supporters empowered them to get access to sound doctrine. As we and our pastors evangelize through the villages, we see many salvations and direct them to a church with a sound doctrine pastor.

Founded on passion and obedience

Since 2019 we’ve made it our mission to bring sound doctrine to Uganda. Founded by Justin and Charla Douglas, we train pastors through our training center, share the gospel through evangelism and community outreach, and plant sound doctrine churches in rural villages. 

Our approach is effective and biblical

BreakingGroundMission.org offers strategized solutions to break down the knowledge barriers between people living in poverty and access to sound doctrine. We work with and through partners to increase access to a church for those who need it most. This will help lead more people to Christ as we strive to fulfill the great commission.

For millions of people and communities, access to sound doctrine can lead the lost to be found – providing theological education, a local church, and improved understanding of God’s love.

Pastor Moses with a document tracking over 100 village people who came to Christ one week in the midst of heavy rain, spiritual warfare against cults who preach of false saviors, and transportation issues on their 100 cc Boda bikes.

Scaling impact throughout Uganda

We’ve empowered thousands of people in 100s of villages with access to the gospel. And we are expanding our work to the west as we effectively reach more people for Christ.

2019 - A humble beginning
Justin and Charla create Breaking Ground Missions, Inc. to help Ugandan communities impacted by the lack of the gospel.
2020 - Covid Lockdown
When the covid pandemic evolved, Uganda enforced a lockdown. During this time, churches and schools were closed. Ugandans could no longer gather as a church to worship. Despite the imprisonment of our pastors for crossing borders, God was faithful to unleash them so our ministry could press on. We handed out covid relief supplies including masks and hand sanitizer as an avenue to continue to share the gospel.
2021 - Breaking Ground Missions expands west
Pastor Gerald, Dean of Students, relocates to western Uganda to recruit and train more pastors and plant more churches.
Scaling our impact
Our solutions are working. More than 10,000 salvations have been added to God's kingdom... and we're still counting.

Commited to financial transparency

We are dedicated to being good stewards with your donations. We provide details of how and where your donations making a difference.

Share our vision

We seek to do more in partnership with others to advance the kingdom of God.

Speaking Engagements

We rely on the church body in the United States to help raise awareness and funds through both church partnerships and individual donations. Contact us to schedule a speaking engagement at your church.

Give the gift of sound doctrine today.