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28JULY-Giant Tree In Church
28 JULY - Church Plant Obstacles
Most of the time, the construction of church plants go very smoothly with no issues, and thenother times, there are huge rocks underground where the pit latrine is being dug and that delaysthe constructions...
26 JULY - Ntungamo Training Team Update
Greetings to you family!!I am joyful that our Pastors of Runyankole Rukiga program of Ntungamo reported faithfully forthis last month of June training. However am more joyful that they realized the importance...
24 JULY - Blackwood Baptist Church Visit to Uganda
Today we were able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a very remote village in Uganda. Weheard many people say that they went to church and were saved but when we dug deeper thetruth was reveal to...
8 JULY - Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Visit to Uganda
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Mission Team 2023To say we had an amazing week would be an understatement. There was something so veryspecial about having our send church here in Uganda with us. Having them...
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