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Mission Trip Checklist

Including the round-trip flight, the total mission journey typically results in $2,000-2,500 per person. See the costs broken down below:

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Destination Airport: Entebbe, Uganda
Upon your arrival Breaking Ground Missions will transport you to your stay in Kamuli.

Standard Passport, $110

Processing Time: Standard 8-11 weeks, Expedited 5-7 weeks

A visa is required to enter Uganda. To apply online for a visa, you will be required to upload the following documents as 3 separate files:

Photo of passport ID

Photo of the original white-background portrait used in the passport

Photo of Yellow Fever Vaccine Certificate

Yellow Fever Vaccine
Typhoid Vaccine (recommended but not required)
COVID-19 Vaccine (must show proof of either the vaccine or negative test results within 72 hrs prior to the flight)

Note: The yellow fever vaccine is administered at limited locations. Health departments in Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA have been known to recently offer the Yellow Fever vaccine.

Costs to expect for Birmingham AL (as of October, 2021):
Jefferson County Department of Health: Pre-Travel Consultation ($45), Yellow Fever Vaccine ($189), Immunization Admin Fees ($20) totaling to $253.

A negative (PCR) covid test is required within 72 hours of flight departure for international flights from the U.S. Some clinics offer same day PCR results while others may take 3-5 days to receive PCR results. Before the covid test, is best to call ahead and verify that the clinic can provide test results in time before the day of your flight. Those who have been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine are exempt from the COVID-19 testing.

Note: Rapid covid tests are not accceptable.

Includes lodging, meals, transportation, translators, ministry materials

For those who have not been vaccinated, COVID-19 testing is required before leaving Uganda. We hire a lab specialist to do this testing for the team before traveling to the airport. 

What to expect


Lodging is equipped with air conditioning, hot water, showers, and toilets. Bunk beds are equipped with mosquito net tents that zip secure to protect against mosquitos at night.

Food safety

All meals and beverages are prepared in-house with water that has been boiled. For extra safety measures, the drinking water is also filtered after boiling. Meats prepared in-house are carefully selected and only purchased through trusted suppliers that freeze their meats immediately after butchering.

Daily routine

Breakfast is typically 7AM and the team departs each morning at 8AM to do the mission work at hand such as pastor training, building a church, or evangelizing in the villages. Each evening, the group returns to lodging around 5:00PM to wash up and get ready for supper followed by a de-brief each night when everyone shares about their day. It is always wonderful to hear the team members share how the Lord worked in the lives of the teams and in the lives of the village people.


Uganda’s weather is similar to the southeast region of the United States. Prepare for the hot sun like you would in the states. Ladies appreciate wearing dresses as it keeps them cool. A dress or skirt below the knee is also the dress code in the villages. 


Villagers are usually welcoming and hospitable, and they will offer their best seats to you while they sit or kneel on the ground. It is considered disrespectful to not accept their best seats. We always accept their seats, but for safety we never accept their food.

While in the village, one can expect to relieve themself at the community latrine which usually includes flooring and walls made of concrete… and a 30-feet deep hole that is approximately 6 inches in diameter.

What to pack

How you'll help

Train pastors

While in Uganda, your team can lead a pastor conference for our pastors in training. To prepare your team, Spiritual Discipline by Donald Whitney is an excellent book that is already broken down into daily topics. For example, Day 2 is on Prayer & Worship. This book could serve as a guide and  help you and your team organize and structure your lecture.

Launch a church

With men ready to teach and people ready to be discipled, the Ugandan villages need a place to gather, worship, and grow in their walk with the Lord. Land, latrine, church shelter, and a small home for the pastor to live in on church property combined cost an average of $5,000.

Share the gospel

We can reach large villages faster with the help of your team. We’ve seen thousands of people respond to the gospel as we have shared from hut to hut. With your help we can reach thousands more! With 20-30 believers, we divide up into teams of three. Each team is provided a translator, and each team is assigned a section of the village to reach during the three days of evangelism.

Give the gift of sound doctrine today.