Everyone Needs Community

Just as the first Church was planted by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, BGM has always understood that simply evangelizing the Ugandan people was not enough. We all need community. Community with fellow believers and a place to call our Church home. BGM accomplishes this part of our work by securing sponsorship for each new Church plant before we lay hands to the work. BGM evangelism teams have already been to the village where we plan to build. The prospective new pastors have already been praying over and getting to know the people of the village. Once God opens the door to build we then send in our construction team to get started.

BGM Church Plant

How We Build a Church Plant

Here at BGM we want to make it clear that when we talk about a church plant it is more than a building. Jesus Christ’s Church are His followers bound together in His atoning sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. The “Church” is NOT the building or meeting place of the believers. All this said, BGM knows that the place where believers come together is important and represents the community God has brought together under Him. Most in Uganda do not have the opportunity to meet together in large cathedrals or modern campuses equipped with the latest in technology and comforts. Instead, they are often gather under a designated tree between neighbors where they offer their complete worship to Jesus Christ with all that they possess.

Breaking Ground Missions realized as they traveled the countryside of Uganda that what we in the Western world often take for granted is not what was required for the place of worship in Uganda. Instead, a simple structure that would keep the sun and rain off the worshipers would be a better fit. It would also allow the local Church to have more say as to how they wanted to adorn and modify their meeting place. Ugandan regulations require that for each church structure we build, we must also provide a new latrine for public use. We are happy to include this in our church construction plan.

When BGM first started building churches in the villages of Uganda, we would have to secure the purchase of the land, any building materials required, and the labor to get the job done. Sometimes, we would coordinate the sponsoring church’s missionary team to be in country to help with the build. This process became too complicated and very inefficient for the ministry. So we now have our own construction team that builds each of our new church structures. This has greatly helped with resource efficiencies and quality of the end product.

So the Church Plant sponsor
can see how their obedience to God is changing lives, BGM provides
the following: 

Come build with us

Come build with us as we partner together with Christ to bring a New Work to the people of Uganda. 

"As someone who has been a part of building a church in Uganda and then seeing God move through that work, I have no adequate words to describe the experience. God is so faithful when we step out to meet Him."

Andy Butler