Missions Operations

Pastor Training

When the founding missionary family first arrived in Uganda, they quickly began to see the need for sound biblical doctrine and its importance in sharing The Good News of Jesus Christ to the Ugandan people. 

After centuries of colonial rule and outside influence in so many areas of religion and faith, many of the Ugandan people are simply confused when it comes to what The Bible says about true relational faith in Christ. 

Works based religions and superstitions certainly have not helped with this confusion. Even many of the pastors who claim to be born again followers of Jesus Christ have never been properly trained in how to exegete the Word of God to their congregations. Our one year long training program provides this much needed truth to those who will lead the new church plants. 


Go make disciples! This is what each of Jesus’s followers are commanded to do. Here at BGM we accomplish this in two primary ways, through Ugandan evangelism teams and western evangelism teams. The Ugandan evangelism teams are made up of ten Ugandan pastors who have graduated from our training program are are waiting for their new church plant to be built. The second is, YOU, when you come on mission with us in Uganda. BGM organizes and sends out western missionaries with our Ugandan teams to share the Gospel in the villages. 

Church Planting

Just as the first Church was planted by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, BGM has always understood that simply evangelizing the Ugandan people was not enough. We all need community. Community with fellow believers and a place to call our Church home. BGM accomplishes this part of our work by securing sponsorship for each new Church plant before we lay hands to the work. 

BGM evangelism teams have already been to the village where we plan to build. The prospective new pastors have already been praying over and getting to know the people of the village. Once God opens the door to build we then send in our construction team to get started. 

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