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Together, we’ve impacted many people with access to sound doctrine. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.


Emma’s lifelong dream to become a doctor led to his studious nature and excellent grades, but once he found Jesus his life took a different direction. He gave up his career dream to become a pastor to make an even greater difference for God’s kingdom.

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And we sing Holy, Holy, Holy

These Ugandan families walked 4 miles of muddy roads in cold temperatures and in heavy rain without hesitation to attend the church of our trained Pastor Patrick as they gather together in joyful worship of the Almighty God.

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God is using our pastor-in-training to lead His church

The following day Pastor Hassan returned to our training center to learn the doctrine of the end times.

Pastor Moses meets a fellow believer

While evangelizing Pastor Moses encounters an 18 year old whose single mother raised him to know Jesus Christ. We are thrilled for him to join in fellowship and learn sound doctrine with the local church.

This girl witnessed the power of prayer

Our partnering mission team walked the village and visited homes to pray over individuals known to be sick in Pastor William’s community. The next day at the church service, this girl announced that she felt significantly better over the last 24 hours since the prayer over her illness. She was so grateful and wouldn’t let go of the prayer warrior’s hand.

Pastor William's father accepts Jesus

As usual, Pastor William brought God’s truth to the church. This church service was extra special, though, because it ended in his father accepting Jesus as his lord and savior.

Pastor Joel commits to training

Pastor Joel realized that his preaching has not been 100% aligned with scripture. With a desire to preach only accurate teachings inspired by God, Pastor Joel is now a student pastor in our training program. With the help of our partner Watermark Church & our current pastors, we recently evangelized to Pastor Joel’s entire village. Many salvations occurred and many false beliefs were corrected. As Pastor Joel goes through our training program, all the newcomers to the faith in his village will have a safe church to attend in their area.

We give food to the sick

When we hear from our pastors of someone who is sick, we pray in person over them and we give them food. These people work all day always in preparation for their next meal. Peeling cassava and threshing or grinding grain by hand is normal routine for them. When they are sick, food prep suffers, so we eagerly give prepared ingredients from the market ready to cook. 


Together, we can empower more families with sound doctrine.