"The generosity of our funding partners makes our work possible, bringing us closer to achieving our vision of accessible, sound doctrine for all."

Justin Douglas
Chief Executive Officer

Fulfilling the great commission requires teamwork

We are fortunate to work with partners – churches, donor institutions, and businesses – who share our passion and vision. Together, we are changing lives with sound doctrine in countless villages around Uganda.

Our partnerships come in multiple shapes and sizes – from multi-year grants to donor campaigns to committed mission teams. There are a variety of ways we can partner to help us both achieve our goals and make more possible for Ugandan communities living in unreached places.


Church families, individuals, and corporations provide critical funding to change lives with sound doctrine.


Donor institutions and other partners source funds, materials, and mission teams needed for teaching sound doctrine, helping trained pastors evangelize and build churches in their own communities.


U.S.  partners representing churches, corporations, and donor institutions help us reach rural villages in Uganda with sound doctrine.

Provide funding to change lives

Donations and grants from churches, foundations, and individuals are critical to changing lives with sound doctrine. Access to sound doctrine rescues people from false teachings, offers security to the souls of families formerly dedicated to the enemy, and empowers the village people to grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ their Savior.

Access to sound doctrine changes everything, and you can make that possible by providing funds to

Resources for equipping churches with sound doctrine

Our partners are key to sourcing funds, materials, and mission teams needed for teaching sound doctrine. Thanks to their hearts and understanding of the ministry’s needs, we can train more pastors, build more churches and reach more people. These partnerships are a blessing, motivating the team, and helping to correct the false teachings in Ugandan communities. We currently have multiple partners and are evaluating new avenues and church partners.

Grow funding for sound doctrine and discipleship

Our missionaries spend their three-month furlough in the United States traveling to churches triweekly to raise funds that are critical to continuing the operation of the ministry. We welcome church partners, corporations, or individuals willing to advocate on our behalf and lead the dialogue to make large scale things happen.

Partners making a difference

Watermark Church- Ashford, AL
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church- Baker, FL
Connect Church- Altha, FL

Together we can change thousands of lives with sound doctrine.