17 MAY 2023

Update from Pastor Training-English Class

It’s always a joy to get to praise God with you all for what he is doing here in Uganda. We have
just finished week two of our training this year. It’s amazing to watch God work all the time.
I was inspired by a story of one of our students. He tells of how the Lord called him specifically
to come in our training. His former job was not easy. He tells a story of how he was framed to
have stolen a gun and was beaten all the time he was in prison. He was later let go from his
security company because they could no longer work with him. His family suffered and he
reached a time of wanting to take his own life. The interesting part of his story is how he found
Jesus and believed. During the time he was in prison, he met people who preached to him and
told him he would serve God if he wanted to have joy in this life. Life would not be the same
after this. He joined a church and has since been serving God. When he heard about our
training, he literally left everything and came to confirm. We normally start our training week on
Sunday evening as the arrival day, but he comes before all the others just to be ready.
He told me how this is very important to him that “I have always wanted to be trained in the
Bible but I never knew if I would ever achieve it. If I were to chose between studying the word of
God for the rest of my life, I would do it again and again” He is one of the many in our program
who just can’t stop praising God. May this story encourage you all this week especially those
who pray and support Breaking Ground Missions. We can’t thank God enough for all of you. As
one of the teachers, I get to hear all the stories from these men first hand. These men who at
times share with tears and could never have been more joyful anywhere else have been sent to
us! This is more than a job for us because we know these trainings will shape so many lives for
eternity. Please take your time if you can to pray for all of us to lead all our students to the truth
through Uganda and beyond. Blessings to you all.
-Muhwezi Gerald
National Director of Training

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